Windchill PLM

Realize value quickly with standardized, out-of-the-box functionality across a comprehensive portfolio of core PDM to advanced PLM solutions.

About Windchill

Manufacturers have never needed real-time information sharing, dynamic data visualization, and the ability to collaborate more than they do today. With easy, secure data access for multi-disciplinary and geographically distributed teams, quality-focused processes, and a data driven approach to manufacturing—Windchill is elevating how product development gets done.

Windchill’s open architecture enables easy integration with other enterprise systems, including IoT, providing a solid foundation for a product driven digital thread. Windchill provides comprehensive out-of-the-box functionality and highly configurable role and task-based apps. Expand self-service access of traceable product data to non-experts who don’t typically use PLM, while avoiding over-customization and complexity.

What's New in Windchill 12

New Update in Windchill 12

Easy, Secure Access to Product Data

Building on Windchill’s web-based user interface and highly configurable out-of-the-box applications, Windchill 12 improves collaboration across the enterprise with even broader access to product data. New functionality in Windchill 12 and ThingWorx Navigate 9.0 enables customers to build their own apps, leveraging a rapid application development environment with reusable components and the ability to mashup data from multiple systems.

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Quality Built into Every Project and Process

Closing the loop between engineering, manufacturing, supply chain, and field service, Windchill 12 gives companies greater end-to-end capabilities to uncover design issues earlier and react to adverse events faster. These capabilities help drive down the cost of poor quality and enable greater speed to market and customer satisfaction. The new proof of traceability feature, delivered through tight OSLC integration with Windchill 12, Windchill RV&S, Windchill Modeler, and third-party requirements management tools, such as IBM Doors NG, protect intellectual property. Leveraging PTC’s recently launched Creo 7.0, Windchill 12 and Creo View 7.0 allow users to identify changes in the view states captured in the CAD design to visually manage critical-to-quality (CTQ) characteristics.

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Concurrent Manufacturing

Meeting the growing demand of customer driven product configurations has become increasingly difficult given supply chain interruptions, evolving safety regulations, and time to market pressures. Windchill 12 helps customers adopt more flexible ways of producing products by ensuring digital thread continuity between the design and the information on the factory shop floor. Windchill 12 introduces powerful BOM transformation tools that enable manufacturing engineers to quickly view and reconcile upstream changes to downstream manufacturing and plant specific BOMs.

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Digital Deployment

Windchill is available in several deployment options and offers both uptime and security compliance, ensuring PLM users can reliably and securely work from their device browsers. PTC also continues to honor its commitment towards openness and standards-based integration/API with new enhancements based on the ODATA standard to enable multi-system orchestration and compatibility with PTC and non-PTC applications. To streamline upgrades and get value quickly on the latest Windchill platform, Windchill 12 provides administrators additional tools to plan and execute upgrades from previous releases.

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