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Advanced Technology Joint Stock Company - Advantech, Jsc. organize regular and customized training courses on design software, engineering simulation software and product lifecycle management system of reputed firms like ANSYS, Functionbay. The program includes an introduction to theoretical foundations, analytical methods for real cases in the industry as well as practical guidelines for direct design and calculations on relevant software.



Provide a theoretical basis for mechanical engineering materials. The content includes the mechanical properties of the material, the mechanical behavior of the material under load. Based on that, some elasticity problems about bar strength are investigated. The theory also provides some insights on plastic deformation of materials as well as some plastic degradation theory.


Along with the development of computers, CFD has played an important role in theoretical research as well as the application of simulation of real phenomena. A basic understanding of CFD theory is needed to help software users in this area improve the efficiency and quality of engineering simulation.


Along with the development of computers, the development of numerical methods (especially the Finite Element Method (FEM)) allows modeling and simulation of complex engineering problems. So an engineer needs to master and apply this method in fluently when solving technical problems. A basic understanding of FEM theory is needed to help software users in technical areas improve the efficiency and quality of engineering simulation.


ANSYS DesignModeler and ANSYS Meshing are the two modules that make modeling and meshing for all simulation modules in the ANSYS software suite. This training provides the trainees the concepts of modeling and meshing for the structure, acquiring familiarity with software operations during geometric modeling and meshing. This course has two options depending on the needs of the trainees.


ANSYS Mechanical Workbench is ANSYS Mechanical software running on the ANSYS Workbench User’s interface - a platform that enables the integration of engineering simulators with advanced simulation technology. The process of implementing a simulation project on ANSYS Workbench is very intuitive, supporting the linking of simulations to one another, user-oriented interfaces, and even complex multi-system analysis. Simple drag-and-drop. Interfaces with other powerful two-way CAD systems, high-quality automatic meshing, step-by-step project lifecycle management, comprehensive parametric management, and optimized optimization tools. ANSYS Workbench delivers high-performance simulation, data preservation, and analytical transformations that enable "directional simulation for product development"


ANSYS Mechanical APDL is ANSYS Mechanical software running on the Standard ANSYS User’s interface.


ANSYS Fluent is a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software, which has long been recognized as a leader in this line of products. ANSYS Fluent's physical modeling capabilities are used extensively in every field of industry: from air flow through the wing of airplane to combustion in the furnace, from bubbles to glass production, from the blood flow to the semiconductor industry, from clean room design to wastewater treatment plants… Renowned for its friendliness and powerful, ANSYS Fluent is easy to use for beginners to enhance productivity and efficiency in the work.


ANSYS CFX is a high-end Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software that allows you to simulate all complexity levels of interest by using a variety of physical models. With the ANSYS Workbench interface, geometric modeling, meshing, imposition of physical conditions, solvers and result processing are integrated in a single simulation environment. ANSYS CFX software has been widely used in many fields such as industry, healthcare, architecture, chemical ...


ANSYS EXPLICIT STR is a software tool providing a powerful ability to simulate dynamic problems with a explicit solver. Understanding the techniques used in this software tool is the first step in implementing the research as well as the practical application so the objective of this training course is to introduce the ANSYS EXPLICIT STR, which provides Basic Workbench user interfaces and Explicit Dynamics user interfaces provide instructions on how to set the solution as well as how to evaluate the results and how to use the parameters to optimize the problem.


ANSYS AUTODYN is a specialized analysis software for nonlinear dynamics of solids, liquids, gases and their interaction. This course provides information on ANSYS AUTODYN, steps to setup, solution and exploitation, steps to link ANSYS EXPLICIT STR solution in Workbench to ANSYS AUTODYN.


ANSYS LS-DYNA provides dynamics simulation tools for solving PrepPost should merge the advantages of the two software companies.


ANSYS Icepak provides powerful and robust fluid dynamics calculators for electronics thermal problems. Based on the reputed ANSYS FLUENT solver, ANSYS Icepak combines cutting-edge technology with powerful meshing options to provide fast and accurate temperature field solutions for electronic cooling applications. ANSYS Icepak enables rapid analysis of heat and flow for ICs, printed circuit boards and complete electronic systems.


ANSYS Maxwell is a comprehensive electromagnetic field simulation software that enables analysis, 3D / 2D structure design such as: motors, dynamic transmitters, transformers, electrical and mechanical appliances. For the field of automation in the military, aerospace and industrial systems. ANSYS Maxwell based on finite element method (FEM) can solve the frequency domain problem, static field, variable electromagnetic field. In addition, the software can automatically link with ANSYS Simplorer to create a comprehensive line of powerful system designs. This allows users to combine complex circuits with models to design high power electronics and power electronics.


ANSYS HFSS is a full-wave simulation software that solves electromagnetic field problems based on finite element method (FEM) for any three-dimensional structure. The software allows the calculation of the electrical characteristics of high frequency components, the S, Y, Z parameters, the near and far radiation fields, the electric field distribution, and so on. Optimized design based on the built-in optimization algorithms. Today, ANSYS HFSS is widely used in the industry, especially in the field of antenna design, circuits and high frequency components.


ANSYS Simplorer provides comprehensive simulation tools and environments for Mechatronics systems including control modules, electronic signal circuits, power electronics, power transmission systems and mechanical systems. ANSYS Simplorer allows simulation of Analog, Digital, Block Diagram and State Machine. ANSYS Simplorer is capable of integrating with other ANSYS software including Maxwell (finite element electromagnetic field analysis), Q3D (printed circuit design), Pexprt (transformer design and optimization and coil resistance), RMxprt (design and optimization of rotating electrical machines) create a comprehensive simulation system.


Simulation analysis is used to determine the behavior of a system or part of a design system, requiring rigorous testing to ensure the design meeting the standards. However, the simulated work only satisfies design systems that meet the requirements, but do not take into account yet the following factors:

+ What are the key factors that affect design when they change?
+ What is the correlation between the parameters?
+ When do they get the best value for the design?
+ Do the designs met all the design goals?

To answer these questions, ANSYS DesignXplorer will meet all of these requirements through predefined scenarios to provide the best design for software users


ANSYS FSI – Fluid Structure Interaction

The course will provide the advanced knowledge on the use of ANSYS Workbench, CFX / FLUENT and Mechanical software to simulate one-way or two-way Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI), and that's a possibility that not all simulation software can have. FSI is difficult phenomena to solve in engineering and requires the user to have deep knowledge of Fluid Mechanics, Structural Mechanics, Numerical Simulation, Materials ... to understand and solve the problem.

Structural Dynamics

This course is recommended for the trainees wishing to consider and investigate the dynamic behavior of the structure, including natural frequencies, harmonic behaviors, time-dependent behaviors, and the statistical response of structure under the effects of the random vibrations on both linear and nonlinear structures, in order to evaluate the working ability of the design. The course also provides structural mechanics theory to help the trainees to gain an in-depth understanding of the controls and configurations built in the dynamic modules of ANSYS software.

Advanced Contact

This training course provides the advanced knowledge of the nonlinear contact tools in ANSYS Mechanical. In addition, the course also provides the contact theory to helping the trainee to understand the phenomena, to be capable to predict and evaluate simulation results, as well as to handle the contact settings, such as the formulation, the detection method, update normal stiffness… when encountering the issues related to the nonlinear contact.

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