RecurDyn is Integrated Multi-Discipline (IMD) Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) software. Its primary purpose is Multi-Flexible Body Dynamics (MFBD), which is the prediction of the motion of mechanisms and devices composed of solid bodies, in which the bodies can be modeled as either rigid or flexible bodies. RecurDyn contains many components, such as Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Optimization Design, Automatic Control, Fatigue Analysis, as well as rigid Multibody Dynamics. RecurDyn has superior calculation efficiency because it is based on a recursive formulation. Therefore, RecurDyn gives the best performance in large-scale multibody problems (systems with a large number of bodies), including mechanical systems in which complex contact between bodies is very significant. RecurDyn also features a natural, Windows-based User Interface which is intuitive and easy to use, as well as a custom application development environment which enables users to automate complicated and/or tedious tasks. RecurDyn contains many class-leading technologies:


Giới thiệu phần mềm RecurDyn

Fastest Linear Solver

RecurDyn uses the best-available multi-frontal linear solver. This linear solver is excellent for MFBD models that contain rigid and flexible bodies.

Fast Contact Between Solid Bodies

Contact is easy to define and simulates rapidly. Contacts can quickly be defined even for imported CAD geometry. RecurDyn's calculation speed for models with contact is exceptionally fast due to FunctionBay's unique contact algorithms that combine efficient and accurate methods from mechanical engineering and computer science.

Intuitive GUI

RecurDyn has an intuitive GUI which is both easy to use for new users and powerful for experienced users. RecurDyn can also easily accept modeling data from CAD software.

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